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Conference Committee Meeting Action Alert HB209

Action Alert for HB209 Conference Committee Meeting.

Conference Committee Meeting Action Alert HB100

Action Alert for HB100 Conference Committee Meeting.

Action Alert HB384, HB488, and HB1195

Action Alert for SB384, HB488, and HB1195.

March Legislative Updates

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Action Alert HB100

Action Alert for HB100.

Action Alert SB107 and HB698

Action Alert for legislation regarding the conveyance tax and the minimum wage.

Action Alert SB108

Action Alert for Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion legislation.

Action Alert for SB1215, SB1214, and HB648

Action Alert for legislation to address tax fairness and aid our homeless population.

2017 Legislative Calendar

The legislative session can move quickly.  Be sure to check the legislative calendar for important deadlines.