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About Us

PHOCUSED is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in 2008.  We are dedicated to increasing the safety for, visibility of, and investment in the children and adults of Hawaii who are marginalized, impoverished, and under-served and for whom access to health, human services, and housing is critical.

We do this by advocating for policy and program reform, facilitating cooperation between various stakeholders, and collaborating with organizations and partners in the community to further social justice causes.

Additionally, we are a membership organization.  This allows us to magnify our impact and speak as a united voice for those that are the most vulnerable in our community.  By bringing together activist leaders, grassroots organizations, and fellow advocates we are able to become a force for social change.  By advocating, facilitating, and collaborating, PHOCUSED is moving forward to built a strong and forceful collective voice for social change in Hawaii.